My question is how are End of Service benefits claimed by the foreign non-diplomat employees working (on Annual contract basis) in Foreign Embassies / Consulates in Saudi Arabia? Will their End of Service benefits be calculated in according to the Saudi Labor laws (as they are working in Saudi Arabia)?
How will that be calculated? For example if a foreign worker has worked for 10 years in an Embassy in Saudi Arabia and was earning 6000/- rials p.m.?
If such a worker is denied End of Service Benefits, then where should such worker claim his rights: Saudi Foreign Ministry/ Saudi Labor Office or Saudi Courts? According to the Vienna Conventions, are not the Embassies working abroad, bound to follow local rules of their host countries, esp. for of its local administration  workers?
Would the End of Service Benefits also take into account, overtimes  / weekend duties that were not paid? Yearly tickets purchased for self & family? Treatment expenses met by the workers from his own pocket? House Rent paid from self?
Please urgent help of experts is sought in this regard as scores of workers would be affected by the right decision!
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