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Dear Sir,

I have been working for Ten years in an international school. My questions are:
       1.          My salary transferred to the bank account is basic+ transport
                  allowance+ other allowance.
2.    Free medical facilities (20% my contribution for treatment as per insurance policy).
3.    Semi furnished villa.
4.    Return air ticket for every 2 years.

Kindly advice me, how my ESB should be calculated? Do have I any right to get a copy of ESB amount calculation any time for having clear idea, how they will calculate?

I have joined in a foreign community school as local hired in 2003. I submitted all necessary papers to transfer the sponsorship. I paid 50% money for transfer fee, with an additional amount of SR.1500 for changing the profession. My iqama was valid for ten months. Since then transfer has not done by the school as far as I know. At last, after 10 months, before expiry of iqama, a former vice chairman of management body informed me that additional SR.1500/= I have to pay to someone through our school muaqif the transfer to be done. No options other than but to agree. Our muaqif failed to complete that within the time limit as he promised.
Suddenly a few weeks later same management member told me that muaqif has completed the task and I have to pay him SR.1500/=. But earlier the same person himself told me that the contract void as muqif failed.
Then muaqif talked to the then running vice chairman and he asked me to pay the money. I was undone but to obey. I requested to repay the money from school as there was nothing wrong from my side. School authority verbally agreed but not refunded till now.

Kindly advice me:

Do I have any legal right to claim the money now and is the school authority bound to pay the money back me?

I have been working in a community school. Since my joining 100% free medical service was provided by the authority. After adopting medical insurance policy by the school I have to pay 20% for every visit to the clinic and also for medicines.

Kindly advice me, am I entitled to get back those 20% money which I paid since then?

Is there any legal support to claim that?

As i have been provided semi furnished residence, house rent can be added to esb calculation?
regards, kr
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