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Final Exit Visa

Final Exit Visa
Assalam Alaikum,

Brothers, My Iqama expires end of July, and my company promised me that, they will give Final exit at the same time, so I will hand over my iqama to them by next month, but I wanted to monitor whether they are renewing it or sending it for final exit visa, Any Option to check, Pls let me know !!!
Final Exit Visa
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Salam,my ekmah already expired,my ekmah is red color,need to go exit,i have my passport,mybe how mych penalty i pay?so that i can exit sukran
iqbal if u want to go with final exit then contact me
if u want renew ur iqama then contact me .....sameer 0583661898
Dear All If somebody has an Iqma which come under the red or yellow category, then in this situation, (in case of Azad Visa) can this iqma holder get release from this sponsor and transfer to a green sponsor.
Dear all i am bangladeshi national. my company in red possition. also company closed by saudi Chambers of Commars and my iqama is expire so i need to go final exit due to no option for me i go to my company they are not able to make my final exit. so i need to is there is any option for me to go exit? please help me any body as soon as possible !!!!!
You cannot go on final exit on the expiry date of your Iqama.

As per the labor law, one month validity of Iqama can be processed for Exit, otherwise, your company will be renewed first in order to stamp your passport on final exit.

Lastly, if your Iqama will expire in the end of July so it\'s about time for you to leave now. Talk to your sponsor.

In an unfortunate consequence, if your Iqama be renewed probably in August some sponsor charged you for renewal including penalty if you insist to go on exit whilst they still in need your service. Penalty of course, because Iqama must be renewed in the appropriate time given but not expired already before renewing. This is just a piece of advice.

Take care.
My brother,

My current Iqama Status is Yellow.
First go to this answer

and check your iqama status. If it shows RED then they cannot renew your iqama.

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